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Total Distribution Services, Inc. is the longest running tank truck brokerage in the United States. We were the first and we are still THE Go-To-Resource for shipping anything and everything.

Our extensive network of carriers enables us to provide any bulk shipping solution you need: food grade, pharmaceutical, chemical, hazardous, dry and liquid. We pride ourselves on emergency or difficult shipments, and we also provide a niche service of lightening overloaded railcars.

Ship Easy - Call in, email or fax us your order. We know your products and your customers and we've built strong relationships with thousands of carriers over our 29 years in business. We know where to find the best trucks and equipment to handle your freight.

Ship Smart - Save time and money. We find the equipment, you approve the rate and we handle it from there. With a 98.6% "On Time" delivery record, we make you look good, too.

Ship Green - Reduce the empty miles that trucks run. 96% of shipments handles by TDS are shipping on a "Back Haul" basis, utilizing trucks returning to their home states that might otherwise have been brought home empty. That saves fuel, the environment, and money.

Our reputation has been built on hard work, the ability to resolve our customers' toughest shipping problems, and fair, ethical treatment of our valued carriers. Put us to the test!

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